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TruckGary's Power Equipment can repair or perform yearly maintenance on your equipment.

Services Offered

We perform basic maintenance, repairs, and will even do pickup and delivery on equipment that you can not easily put in a car. There is a fee pickup and delivery, which is a cost that is not covered under warranty.

For equipment under warranty, warranty will pay for the replacement of parts and related labor, but not pay for pickup and delivery charges, or out of the ordinary charges if we have to special order parts.

What Is Our warranty On Services?

If we have performed a service related function on your equipment and something goes wrong we will take care of the problem at no additional charge provided the problem is reported to us within a reasonable amount of time. If you take your equipment home, throw it down, and something breaks we are going to say it was not like that when it left the shop.

What Brands Do We Perform warranty Work On?

We can perform warranty work on all brands we sell, and then there are some we can do warranty work on even if we don’t sell them. One example is Torro since they are actually manufactured by the same company that makes the ExMarks. So we can do warranty repairs on Torro equipment. There are some other brands as well, but it is always best to call and inquire first if you own a brand that we don't actually carry. We may or may not be authorized to do warranty repairs.


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